Has AMS seen the signature of dark-matter?

The [Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer] experiment’s first result, released today, showed an excess of antimatter particles—over the number expected to come from cosmic-ray collisions—in a certain energy range.

There are two competing explanations for this excess. Extra antimatter particles called positrons could be forming in collisions between unseen dark-matter particles and their antiparticles in space. Or an astronomical object such as a pulsar could be firing them into our solar system.

via AMS tiptoes toward answer to dark-matter question | symmetry magazine.

Read the whole (short) thing. Sam Ting, AMS’s principal investigator and Nobel Laureate, kept a poker face when talking about the (possible) signature of Dark Matter in the results. “We, of course, have a feeling for what is happening. But probably it is too early to discuss that.” The AMS measurements are very difficult, and showing statistically significant results can be tricksey. Dr. Ting is too smart to get that far out on the branch until he is sure it will hold weight. I wonder if he smiled when he talked about that.

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