Dark Matter in a galactic cluster detected via gravitational lensing.


The gravity of massive objects such as galaxy clusters acts as a lens to bend and distort the light from more distant objects as it passes. Dietrich’s team observed tens of thousands of galaxies beyond the supercluster. They were able to determine the extent to which the supercluster distorted galaxies, and with that information, they could plot the gravitational field and the mass of the Abell 222 and 223 clusters. Seeing this for the first time was “exhilarating,” Dietrich said.

More evidence, albeit indirect, for Dark Matter. Something is causing ‘excess’ gravity in our Universe, but that something doesn’t seem to respond to the electromagnetic force, so it isn’t directly visible (it doesn’t interact with photons except via gravity) and it emits no light (no emission of photons). I really need to sit down an do a review of Dark Matter evidence to date. Even back in my grad student days, there were puzzling results from studies of galactic rotation. Galaxies rotated as if there was a lot more mass present than what we could see from visible light.

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