B612 Foundation plans privately funded Sentinel Space Telescope

The nonprofit B612 Foundation says it’s planning the first privately funded deep-space mission, with the goal of launching an instrument known as the Sentinel Space Telescope to look for potentially hazardous asteroids from a vantage point inside Earth’s orbit around the sun.

The foundation, headed by former NASA astronaut Ed Lu, tipped its hand today in an advisory alerting journalists about a press conference to be conducted at 8:30 a.m. PT June 28 at the California Academy of Science’ Morrison Planetarium in San Francisco.

The B612 website is prepping for the 28 June press conference. I’d really like to learn more about the B612 Foundation. I think it is a very worthy goal to start monitoring for possible asteroid dangers to Earth, and to develop methods of dealing with the threats. This is perhaps the most solvable of the existential threats to humanity. It won’t take a huge amount of money to push this effort forward.

I’m looking forward to learning more on 28 June!

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