Two Git Workflows

Git’s problem is its complexity. Half of that is because it’s actually more powerful than the other systems: it’s got features that make it look scary but that you can ignore. Another half is that Git uses nonstandard names for about half its most common operations. (The rest of the VCS world has more or less settled on a basic command set, with names such as “checkout” and “revert”. Not Git!) And the third half is the index. The index is a mechanism for preventing what you commit from matching what you tested in your working directory.

Oliver Steele offers a git workflow that you see above. Benjamin Sandofsky has another workflow article with fewer diagrams. With git, diagrams are good, so read Steele’s first. I like the simplicity of this diagram from Steele’s post, and it should be the first diagram for a git newbie.


I’m still working out what I want git to do, but it is interesting to see how other developers use this tool.

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