Sparrow 1.2 mail app

I tried out AppSumo’s $6 license for Sparrow (normally $10 in the App Store). I’m not terribly impressed. Facebook integration is touted as a big feature, but the actual integration is that you can add FB friends directly in Sparrow, and their FB avatar shows up on their email. Woo.

More problematic for me is that I found no way to disable HTML rendering of incoming mail. I’m still a bit nervous about doing that in an age when simply viewing some malicious code can infect a machine. I’d much rather have HTML off as the default, and perhaps do a per-address enabling of HTML viewing. No way to turn HTML off is the thing that motivated me to drop Sparrow. And props to AppSumo of the moneyback guarantee, they delivered promptly and with no fuss.

For now, I’m using Fluid to make email apps for my various email accounts.

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